Who We Are

Catherine Marinello has carried on the dream of her late husband Thomas. He, along with Catherine became the owners of Marinello Funeral Home in 1994. After his passing in October, 2009, Catherine continued ownership.  

Patricia Maure-Troise has been with the Marinello Family since September of 1999.She has Managed the Funeral Homes since 2009. She is a Licensed Funeral Director and Grief Faciliator. She works closely with each family and treats everyone with care and dignity. Every attention to detail is carried out to the fullest. During the arrangement conference the life story of your loved one is discussed so that the funeral will be the celebration of your choices and personalized to your exact instruction.

Stefanie Buda has been a part of Marinello Funeral Home since 2007. She started out as an apprentice while attending Simmons Mortuary Science Program in upstate NY. After completing college Stefanie stayed on as a resident for one year after which she became a Licensed Funeral Director. She is a compassionate and caring director who is always there to help in anyway she can.

Carmelo Franco is currently  enrolled in the Mortuary Science Program at American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service. His care of the families has been a part of Marinello Funeral Home since 2008.  He cares for the families during their visitation and many times assists us during the funeral mass. He will become licensed and remain with Marinello Funeral Home to continue his excellent understanding of funeral service.